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Driven by the incredible stories and moments gaming creates, DNP is the product of 20 years of collaboration between Scott and Jason. For years they've pushed the visual storytelling of esports forward, constantly striving to innovate the way we experience professional gaming.

Meet the team

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To tell authentic stories about the most exciting entertainment on the planet, and to make cool content with cool people.

Jason Baker

Co-Founder/Managing Director

Jason’s career in broadcasting spans three decades. He got his start making video content as a founding member of MFAVP in 2001. He later pioneered live esports broadcasting as a co-founder of GotFragTV, which was acquired by MLG. He helped launch Turner's Eleague as a producer and Blizzard's Overwatch League as a director. Jason currently serves on SVG Esports Production Advisory Committee.


Co-Founder/Managing Director

Scott has had a long and storied career in gaming and esports. He was a founder of GotFragTV, and an owner and COO of team Evil Geniuses, and currently acts as an advisor to the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association, the first independent player association in esports.  Host, broadcast analyst, life-long gamer and with over 20 years of esports experience, Scott is one of the most iconic faces of the industry and as such earned a well-deserved place in the Esports Awards Lifetime Achievement Class of 2019.

Joseph Carothers

Producer / Project Manager

Joseph comes to broadcast production after seven years in the worlds of finance, technology and learning development. He made the leap from community director and tournament organizer to replay producer and in-game observer with the Overwatch League in 2017. Joseph is the co-founder, producer, writer and director of Casters & Castles, a tabletop RPG content channel featuring talent from the esports industry.

Ness Delacroix

Graphic Designer

A visual & media designer, 3D animator, render artist & multimedia specialist, Ness Delacroix's portfolio includes design work for Blizzard Entertainment, PC Gamer and CEVO Inc. She is the co-creator & co-producer of the esports documentary "Ready Up: Competitive Team Fortress 2." From initial concept to final renders and even working behind the camera, Ness' expertise and creative talents are well regarded throughout the esports community.

Ian St Lawrence


A prolific producer, director, and technical director, Ian has overseen live events for thousands of fans in venues across the world, from stadiums in Brazil, the Czech Republic, and Spain to Barclays Center in New York. His repertoire of esports includes Halo, Street Fighter, Vainglory, League of Legends, Hearthstone, CS:GO, PubG, Shadowverse, Fortnite, Starcraft 2, World of Tanks, Apex Legends, Hearthstone, & Overwatch. Outside of competitions, he's directed live shows for Cloud9, People Magazine, BlizzCon, and E3.

Anthony Perfetto

Video Editor / Movie Maker

Anthony is the creator of the award-winning Counter-Strike video series, “Echoes Of.” With over 19 years of video editing and production experience, Anthony has worked with professional organizations including Titan, DreamHack, and IGN.

Daniel Tompos

Production Specialist

Known for pioneering the use of freecam observing in Overwatch esports and leading broadcast production roles on multiple titles, including Starcraft II, CS:GO and Fortnite, Daniel is the technical director for VALORANTING and other DNP productions.

Tyler Vore

Production Assistant

Previously a collegiate Counter Strike player and coach at ASU, Tyler Vore now focuses on social media and live esports production. Tyler utilizes his experience in photography and videography to work within the AR/XR space as well as document life behind the scenes at DNP.

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