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Bitfire Studios

Phoenix, AZ
Utilizing our space inside the Bitfire Studios we're able to maximize production for all live and recorded content. 
Harnessing the power of FireBridge, our fully browser-based broadcast solution, gamers and fans from around the globe are able to join in on the fun directly from their living room.  The gaming and esports industries are no strangers to remote play, BiteFire just steps in to help them level up.


16,000 square feet of studio production space
Stage 1: 1,900 sqft
Stage 2: 600 sqft
Two separate control rooms allow for several productions to take place simultaneously
Real-time, reactive environments that perfectly sync with production
Seamless and fully immersive filming experience
Full PC-Based Production
Native Multi-Party Support - No Mix-Minus Needed
Advanced Signal Resilience Technology
Green Screen Chroma Key Backdrop
Cutting edge edit and graphic suites
Green room, complete with two hair and makeup rooms

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