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Bitfire Studios

Phoenix, AZ
Utilizing our space inside the Bitfire Studios we're able to maximize production for all live and recorded content. 
Harnessing the power of FireBridge, our fully browser-based broadcast solution, gamers and fans from around the globe are able to join in on the fun directly from their living room.  The gaming and esports industries are no strangers to remote play, BiteFire just steps in to help them level up.


Newly opened 16,000 sq ft production facility in Phoenix, AZ - A cost effective solution to the high prices of the East/West coast production hubs
Stage 1 - Large 1900 sq ft stage with a corner dedicated to green screen chroma backdrop
Stage 2 - 600 sq ft stage with a two wall + floor LED/XR stage featuring Disguise, OptiTrack, and Unreal systems
Broadcast control room with full Ross suite including Carbonite Ultra switcher with Tria+, XPression graphics, and Mira+ playback/replay system
Full turnkey studio with multiple stages and control room, podcast studio, talent green room, and hair/makeup areas
Seamless integration of Bitfire Transmission services allows for partial or full remote productions from the studio

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